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Deploy Project

Let's deploy our stack and verify everything behaves as expected:

npm run deploy

After the stack is synthesized and the assets are bundled, you should see a prompt to confirm IAM changes:


If you don't see a prompt like the one above, please review the setup guide to make sure your environment is properly configured.

It's good practice to review these changes to ensure we are only granting the expected permissions. In this case we can see we are granting:

  • lambda service principal permission to sts:AssumeRole against the SayFunction role.
  • states service principal permission to sts:AssumeRole against the Workflow role.
  • Workflow role permission to lambda:InvokeFunction against SayFunction.Arn.

These values match what we would expect, so we can type y <enter> to continue with deployment.

After the deployment completes, you should see an output similar to the one below:

Before we wrap up, let's clean up our stack.