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Create New Project

We recommend creating new Functionless projects using the create-functionless template. This template will generate a minimal project with the correct configuration so you can get started using Functionless quickly and easily. To create a new project, run:

# For npm users:
npx create-functionless@latest
# For yarn users:
yarn create functionless
# For pnpm users:
pnpm create functionless

The template script will prompt for a project name and create the project in a new folder matching the name provided. After the script completes:

  • Run cd <project-name> to navigate to the root directory of the project.
  • Verify the project is configured correctly by running npm run synth or yarn synth or pnpm synth.

You should see an output like the one below and the command should exit without error:


If you encounter an error, please let us know by reaching out on discord or creating an issue.

Next, let's take a look at the output the template generated for us.