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Event Bus

An EventBus ingests and routes events throughout your application. Events can come from and be sent to any service, including AWS services or non-AWS SaaS such as Slack, Stripe, etc.

New Event Bus

import { EventBus } from "@functionless/aws-events-constructs";

new EventBus(stack, "bus");

// to name the bus, use props
new EventBus(stack, "bus2", { eventBusName: "myBus" });

Default Bus

There is a default Event Bus in every region of an AWS account. It contains events emitted by your AWS Resources, such as when a Step Function execution completes (see Event Sources), or when a scheduled trigger fires.

Functionless provides an easy way to work with the default bus.

const defaultBus = EventBus.default(scope);
defaultBus.when("lambdaRule", (event) => event.source === "lambda");

Adopting CDK Resources

To turn a CDK aws_events.EventBus into a Functionless EventBus using EventBus.fromBus.

const awsBus = new aws_events.EventBus(stack, "awsBus");
const bus = EventBus.fromBus(awsBus);

This can also be done with imported AWS CDK buses

const awsBus = new aws_events.EventBus.fromEventBusName(
const bus = EventBus.fromBus(awsBus);

Put Events to your bus from other Resources

The putEvents integration allows other resources to easily send events to your EventBus. The integration is supported in Lambda Functions, Step Functions, and AppSync Resolvers.

For a full list, see: Integrations

const bus = new EventBus(stack, "bus");
new StepFunction<{ value: string }, void>(async (input) => {
await bus.putEvents({
detail: {
value: input.value,
source: "mySource",
"detail-type": "myEventType",