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Build cloud applications with batteries-included Components and easy-to-follow Conventions. Perform operational tasks with an extensible CLI and UI that understands your application.

Organize and Operate

Easy-to-follow conventions

Structure your cloud stacks and resources with file system conventions optimized for simplicity and consistency.

Application-aware CLI

Interact with cloud resources using an intuitive and extensible CLI that understands your application's architecture.

Develop Naturally

First-class cloud resources

Import and interact with your cloud resources like ordinary functions - there’s no need for plumbing code or configuration.

Automated IAM policies

Our compiler derives minimal IAM Policies from your code, ensuring you only have access to what you need.

Upgrade to "Functionless"

Never compromise on architectural decisions

Leverage the scalability and reliability of AWS Step Functions, Appsync and Event Bridge without learning domain specific languages.

End-to-end type safety

Catch bugs before they occur and enjoy Intellisense in your IDE with type-safety that works across service boundaries and runtime environments.


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Functionless is an open source framework. Build your first cloud application today - all you need is an AWS account.